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We encourage you to use any of the following services:

1filing customs entries in the procedure of:
- marketing authorisation
- exporting
- inward processing
- outward processing
- interim clearance

2 filling required documents necessary for goods turnover with non-EC countries (Declaration of Value, EUR.1, Certificate of Origin, TIR passes, CMR, Invoice)

3 filling applications and preparing a required set of documents for acknowledging warehouses for the needs of loading under CAP

4 comprehensive servicing of export under Common Agricultural Policy

5 monitoring of AGREX applications in cooperation with Agricultural Market Agency (ARR)

6 securing customs credits in the procedure of marketing authorization thanks to the general security

7 consulting and advising in terms of customs law and its practical application in your company

8 filing applications and appeals to customs authorities

9 drafting INTRASTAT declarations (Intra-Community Delivery of Goods, Intra-Community Purchase of Goods)

10 delivering goods after customs clearance to the recipient

11 making the loading-and-reloading warehouse available to customers

Tuesday, 3 October 2023
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As of 1 May 2004 we offer our services in Warka at
ul. Gośniewska 46.
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